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March 05, 2023 1 min read

Who is Created?

Created Company's mission is to help you find your identity and purpose in the One who created you.

CREATED - "Created In His Image." We love the mission and vision in brand and we know wherever we go dressed up or dressed down, we are God's children - individually unique.

As a creative, whenever I decide to get ready to go for a girl's night out or just a casual dinner. I find myself going off the ambiance/theme or whatever mood I'm in - chic, cozy, casual or just fun!

First, I pick out are these Created sweatpants. I want to go for the cozy and casual look! ! So, I paired it with a black crop long sleeves top, then if you want to add some chicness to tie the outfit together, you can wear a leather jacket to go with the ALL black look with some sneakers and a cross-body bag for the added touch.

This could also be the perfect outfit to run some errands, go to a coffee shop while reading the Bible/devotional/or journaling for the day. 

Wherever you go - be the light, compliment a stranger and remember, you are Created for a purpose on purpose.


Lauren - Creative Director

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